Cat Caravan by Make them Roar

My friend and neighbor, Bettina, is a woman of many talents. She and her husband, Eddie, run Waffle On, where you can get fresh German waffles made for you as you wait - you can find them at the Maltby Street market on weekends. Then there is Make them Roar, a "style guide for the fashionable cat" that Bettina started, with the assistance of her two cats, Mr. Spats and General Teddington, of course (Spats and Teddy have even deigned to let me play with them, once in a while). And now there is the Cat Caravan, a kickstarter campaign started by Bettina and her friend Merle, that aims to bring some style and stimulation to your next cat playhouse. 

Our cat Trotsky might be gone, but I still have a soft spot for all things furry. Which is why I was happy to volunteer a reward to help out the Cat Caravan campaign.  Merle and Bettina had already done the hard bit - their roaring cat logo is great. All I had to do was adapt it it a bit to fit on a card. 

Right click HERE to see some examples of what the cards will look like.