A little something different

When we moved to London, I did promise that I would write these posts to let everyone know how we were doing. I recognize that I have not been doing my best with this. But that does not mean that I haven't been doing things. And now that the days are getting longer (and I am getting out of the house a bit more) I am going to try and and be better about posting updates and using Instagram. In the next few weeks, I might even have a binding project to share with you. Yes, I said binding. Don't get your hopes up - we are talking three stiches, at most. Its a start, though!

In the meantime, I will leave you with a sample of some other things I've been working on - writing. I am going to be better (braver?) about posting some of my pieces here, too. These should all be looked at as drafts. Strong enough to share, but still needing work. 

Happy spring, everybody! 




Most days we see the three Asian women (are they Londoners, or are they still a something else, like us?)  

Walking for exercise with their tiny dog, so polite

Always with a wag hello as he trots in circles around their legs


Or the parents hustling children to school

Tiny ducks in uniforms of grey and maroon

Each one in different shades of neat and unkempt 


Off on the side

The pair that are forever twined together

She a so-elegant pale poodl

He a more boisterous brown mutt

Talking as their dogs scuffle about


And now us

Walking the concrete paths across green fields

Following the gentle curves and angles in a pattern that still thrills for all that it has turned familiar  

Much like the feel of your hand in mine


We follow the pulse

We ebb and flow

As days turns to weeks turn to months   

Do they notice us as we notice them?

Or have we become

Like the seagulls that stalk among the tamed green grass  

An incongruity that is no longer anything but commonplace