Alphabet Tiles

If you have read my earlier posts, you know that I am working large (8 inch square) wood type flash cards for children. In fact, one of my nieces has learned to ask for "letters" when we FaceTime, and then loves to call out the letters as I hold them up to the phone (yep - makes my day every time). 

Well, cut to us all going on holiday together and me not having all the big flashcards done yet. I still wanted to give her something that she could play with, and so did a last minute project that I think turned out quite well: foil-blocked mini aphabet cards. 

These are only 2 inches square and made out of high-density bookboard scraps, so they are quite sturdy. They look like large scrabble tiles, if every letter was made using a different color foil. I made eight of each letter - plenty for her to play games with, lose a few and (eventually) spell out words. Added bonus - the bag of letters has a nice heft to it and is a lot of fun to root around in. 

If anyone wants some of these for their own, let me know. I will be making more of them for one of our other (older) nieces when when we are back from vacation.