Tipoteca Italiana

While we were in Italy, we stumbled apon a true gem for letterpress fans - Tipoteca Italiana 

The museum and print studio is located in Cornuda, part a beatiful region of rolling hills and small villages in the Prosecco producing region in Northern Italy (yes, we did take advantage of this). Just the machinery alone would have made the museum worth the trip. There were an array of typesetting machinery, including working monotype and linotype machines: 

Plus a collection of manual and semi-automated presses that were in amazing condition:

But, wow - the type collection. First and foremost, Typoteca is a museum devoted to typography and it shows. There were cabinets upon cabinets of type - hundreds easy. I have never seen anything like it. The wood type, in particular the art nouveau and art deco fonts, were extraordinary: 


Besides the museum, the wonderfully designed building also houses a lovely bookshop and working print studio, where they offer workshops and classes. If you are ever anywhere near the area, I strongly reccomend you stop by.